Webgrity Academy offers FULL TIME training ONLY to freshers who are looking for a career entry and opportunity to step into the web arena.

Webgrity Academy offers training in Web Design and Web Development.

Web Design Course includes

  • Layout Designs – Homepage Templates
  • Html
  • XHtml
  • CSS
  • Javascript & Jquery
  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Upload/FTP

Web Development Course includes

  • Html, XHtml, CSS, Javascript & Jquery
  • Contact/Feedback Form
  • Upload/FTP
  • PHP
  • MySQL Database
  • CMS – Wordpress
  • Custom Coding

Eligibility Criteria – Who can Apply?

The candidates should meet all the criteria below:

  • If applying for Web Design course, the candidate should know how to use Photoshop alongwith proper knowledge of Html. If applying for Web Development course, the candidate should have proper knowledge of Html, Php and MySql.
  • Should be available for next 2 years 6 months for FULL TIME.
  • Should have completed Class XII in Academics.
  • Should have scored 60% marks in either Class X or XII.
  • Can read and understand English. Speaking English is not required.
  • Should be below 27 years of age.
  • No smoking habits.
  • No health problems.
  • Cannot pursue any other alternative course, service or business simultaneously.

How much you earn while you learn?

Webgrity Academy will pay following to all candidates with 70% marks in Class X as well as 70% marks in XII

Month Amount (Rs) In Hand (Rs) * EPF Contribution (Rs)
From 1st to 6th Month 12000/- per month 9836/- per month 1620/- per month
From 7th to 18th Month 15000/- per month 12322/- per month 2027/- per month
From 19th to 30th Month 18000/- per month 14789/- per month 2432/- per month

Webgrity Academy will pay the below to all candidates with 60% marks in either Class X or XII.

Month Amount (Rs) In Hand (Rs) * EPF Contribution (Rs)
From 1st to 6th Month 10000/- per month 8289/- per month 1350/- per month
From 7th to 18th Month 12000/- per month 9836/- per month 1620/- per month
From 19th to 30th Month 15000/- per month 12322/- per month 2027/- per month

* After deduction and contribution to Employee Provident Fund, Employees' State Insurance Corporation and Professional Tax.

Why are we doing this and what is our Benefit?

Webgrity (Sister Concern of Webgrity Academy) is a focused and serious web development company providing quality web development work to clients in USA and UK. To know more about Webgrity check www.webgrity.com

For the past 10 years Webgrity has been facing serious challenges in recruiting committed talents. Webgrity has decided to prepare its own talent pool in house. It has decided to give chance to freshers to grow in stature under highly skilled project managers who will be training them. Under this training, Webgrity expects to generate pool of resources which will be utilised in further propelling growth of the company.

Month Details
From 1st to 4th Month "Off Project" Rigorous training.
From 5th to 12th Month "On Project" Fresher training.
From 13th to 30th Month "LIVE Job" Advance training.

In the above process, Webgrity will invest heavily in these candidates and train them with the best of WEB INDUSTRY KNOWHOW. Initially Webgrity will incur heavy expenses for the first 12 months and from the 13th month when these candidates undergo "LIVE Job Advance training" Webgrity intends to charge their clients for the services rendered by these candidates during this period. From these charges Webgrity not only intends to cover the cost of training the candidates but also to make profit for further supporting the training of new candidates.


Step 1

Candidates need to apply for the course by sending their CV at academy@webgrity.com

Step 2

Selected candidates will be called to appear for technical Interview within 3 weeks to determine the seriousness of the candidate. If no call is received within 3 weeks candidate can consider them as not selected and they may not re-apply for next 6 months. Rural candidates will be given preference.

Step 3

Joining alongwith Contract and paper work within 7 days - Contract will be done on STAMP paper. Click here to download SAMPLE Contract copy.

Step 4

Commencement of course

Timing of Webgrity for all Full Timers is as below:

  • 10 AM to 7 PM - Monday to Friday Lunch time – 1.30 PM to 2.10 PM
  • 10 AM to 3 PM - Saturday Lunch time - 1.30 PM to 1.45 PM

First Saturday of the Month – Full Day Holiday

Holidays and Leaves

Webgrity Academy will be closed on 1st Saturday of every month.
Webgrity Academy will be closed on Red Calendar days as per list placed in the notice board at Webgrity premises.

After completion of 6 months candidates can apply for 21 days of Casual/Sick leaves in a year.

Next Batches

Starting Date

  • 1st of every month
  • 16th of every month

Candidates can apply for any of the above 2 batches.

Number of Vacancies

  • Web Design 3
  • Web Development 3


Names of few past candidates enrolled for the course:

Name Phone
Pranati Dutta 97480 - 94463
Devjit Kumar Divana 86780 - 91351
Anjali Lal 72782 - 19255
Sumita Paul 83359 - 12179
Sayan Purakait 89107 - 97084



Ground Floor,
30B, Lake Temple Road,
Opposite: Shib Mandir
Near: Menoka Cinema
Near: Rabindra Sarovar Metro
Calcutta - 700 029

Call: 83359-62403

Email: academy@webgrity.com